Updated: March 3, 2020 – 7:58 am

Recently FOX23 has been reporting about massage parlor’s offering sexual favors. Now, it looks like cyber space will give those shops a run for their money. Facebook is the newest place for prostitutes to find customers, and for those clients to find women willing to do anything, for a price.Almost everybody knows what a prostitute is.”(She is) some woman who’s having sex with men. She’s just doing that because she’s making money,” 90 year-old Helen Brooks told FOX23.But 90 year-old Helen isn’t familiar with how 21st Century working girls find their clients; Facebook.”I don’t use the Facebook. I am totally dumb about that sort of thing,” Helen said.The face book report comes after a Columbia University professor followed 170 New York prostitutes for one year. After a crack down on Craigslist, prostitutes are making more and more friends. That’s not good news for Renee Burke, a mom of five who lives in Owasso.”I am, and my children are on Facebook, and it’s disturbing to think that that’s how they’re getting their clients,” she told FOX23.The women, and sometimes men, can essentially go undercover and hide behind a user name in the Facebook world.”It seems that would circumvent any filters that are already in place,” Burke said.Using the site for prostitution is illegal according to Facebook’s user agreement and Renee says the company better crack down if wants to keep people like her logged in.”It’s going to continue, and then Facebook isn’t going to be a place that families want to be.”Tulsa Police say in Green Country Facebook is probably used to connect prostitutes with their regular customers. Other sites,,, and are a few of the top sites Tulsa police say local prostitutes use to find clients.Those sites are modeled after Craigslist and FOX23 found local women and suggestive pictures saying they’re willing to do just about anything.”The internet has purposes an potential for great good, but everything has it’s opposites, and it doesn’t surprise me that it’s right there,” Burke said.It’s not Facebook, but she is just as worried about these lesser known sites a few mouse clicks away from her child’s eyes.”Its just unfortunate and we as parents need to be really vigilant about our supervision of our children.”The woman are skirting the law because the sites say they’re escorts and being an escort isn’t against the law. But police say anytime money is exchanged, and sexual favors are performed could get both parties in handcuffs