14 Essential Life Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know

Single Women, Moms, and even Grandmothers will love these useful products to make life easier, safer, and a LOT more fun!!

Listen up ladies – we know it seems like we have to go through a lot more than the guys do. But that doesn’t mean we have to take it. We’ve gathered 14 of the best “ladies only” life hack products, and put them all here. Enjoy

It’s sad, but mechanics seem to always take advantage of women, telling them their dyrillium road gripper is on the fritz, when all that was really needed was a new fuse. Well, FIXD will stop that cold!

FIXD is an awesome gadget that plugs right into your car’s OBD port (every car made since 1996 has one). It then automatically communicates with your car’s diagnostic computer, and reports the results to the included smartphone app. So you’ll see – in Plain English – exactly what is wrong with your car. Mechanics hate FIXD but trust us, you’ll love it!

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2. Beverly Hills MD – The Wrinkle “Reducing” Trick That Works

Ok, you may have heard of this internet “trick” that Beverly Hills women and actresses have used to help eliminate wrinkles. No Botox, no wrinkle creams… this is something new.

We can confirm this is real, and Beverly Hills MD should have your undivided attention if you are worried about wrinkles, lines, or simply want to look younger. This skin-smoothing technique is simple, effective, and again, very very real – we’d say it’s the biggest anti-aging breakthrough we’ve ever seen.

Click the link below to watch a free video that explains everything. You have zero to lose, except the years on your face!

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3. LadyCare – Clinically Proven To Relieve 23 Menopause Symptoms

LadyCare uses modern technology and Static Magnetic Therapy to help relieve the symptoms of menopause. 95% of women have gotten great results.

LadyCare is a small, lightweight device that securely (and comfortably) clips to your underwear, and helps balance your Autonomic Nervous System using Static Magnetic Therapy. You’ll “feel” nothing, but you’ll also feel 1000x better (that’s how magnetic therapy works – you don’t even know it’s happening). Sound crazy? We thought so too until we read how it was clinically proven. Look, results matter, and 95% of patients reported significant relief with LadyCare. That’s awesome!.

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4. CircaCharge – Always Have a Charged Up Phone

We would argue that it’s really important for all women to always have a charged phone. You just never know when you’ll really need it.

CircaCharge is a technological breakthrough for all cell phones. It attaches to the back of your phone, and is super thin, so a case fits right over it. It turns any phone into a wireless charging device, and then charges up super fast on the included charging pad or car adapter. This is also a brilliant fix for those older phones that have fast-running-out batteries – CircaCharge gives them new life!

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5. Photostick – Make Your Precious Memories Last Forever

Moms love taking pictures. And every mom we know has 4 million pictures on her computer. But none of them are backed up. Heck, mom doesn’t even know what “directory” they are in.

Photostick solves that problem forever. Just plug it into any PC or Mac USB port, click “go” and Photostick will instantly find and backup your photos. In fact, it can save up to 60,000 photos. The best part is, you don’t need to know “where” they are on your computer – Photostick’s smart AI will find them and back them up, protecting you in case a virus ever wiped out your computer. You’ll have saved the day by saving your photos – yay you!!

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6. Dodow – Because You Need Your Sleep

Women often have a harder time getting good sleep than men – especially moms and career women. Oh, menopausal women too (is that everyone?) Seriously, us girls need our sleep!

Say hello to Dodow, an amazing gadget that’s completely disrupting the billion-dollar sleeping pill industry. Dodow allows you to fall asleep, and stay asleep, without toxic pills that make you feel groggy the next morning. It emits a soothing, rhythmic blue light that is scientifically proven to help put your body into a sound, deep, restful sleep – without drugs!

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7. Vivian Lou Insoles Makes Heels Super Comfortable

You love rocking some awesome heels, right? Too bad they are so hard on your feet. But what if you could change that, and wear your heels comfortably up to 4x longer?

Vivian Lou Insoles let you do exactly that. These super cool heel inserts were developed by a podiatrist, a rocket scientist, and a high-heel lover, and they REALLY DO WORK. In fact, they are so comfortable; you’ll forget you’re wearing heels. These one-size-fits-all heel inserts also help alleviate back and hip pain, so go ahead – strap on your best pair and sizzle all night long!

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8. KeySmart – The Ultimate Gadget Keychain For Women

Us girls like gadgets too. And you know what? We also hate the jumble of keys in our purses.

KeySmart addresses both of these issues. This awesome little keyholder can handle up to 14 keys, which is enough for just about anyone. They securely lock and fold in (like a pocketknife), making them easy to store. Just unfold the key you want to use it. How easy is that? Better still, you can add options like a USB drive and a bottle opener, making you the ultimate high-tech chick!

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9. Upright GO – Stop Slouching in 14 days

It’s a fact of life that as many women age, they start to slouch. What speeds that up is the fact that many women have poor posture to begin with (probably from us being more top heavy than the fellas).

Upright GO is a really cool, really unique gadget that will keep you from slouching, and give you that awesome confidence-radiating posture of a supermodel. You wear it comfortably under your clothes, and it gives you a quick, gentle little vibrate to let you know when you are slouching. This way, it’s easy to get into the habit of standing up straight.

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10. XY Find IT – Never Lose Anything Again

This is the neatest gadget we’ve seen in a long time. XY Find IT is about the size of a quarter, but it’s worth a million bucks when you lose something it’s attached to.

Place an XY Find IT on your keyring, in your purse, on your dog’s collar, or even somewhere in your car. Then, if the item is lost, just open up the included app, and use both short-range “homing” technology that shows the distance to your item, and long-range “crowd-based” tech to help locate your item. Oh, and if you ever lose your phone, XY Find IT can make it ring – how cool is that?

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11. EcoHeat S – Bring Instant Heat Right Where You Want It

It seems us girls get cold more than others. And then there’s the thermostat fight…

No more. EcoHeat S is an excellent portable heater that instantly heats up your “personal space”, making it so you can enjoy some warmth, without raising the thermostat or spending big bucks on heating bills. It’s easy to use, and safe too – simply plug it into any outlet, turn it on, and it heats the area in seconds, without using much electricity. There’s even a smart thermostat that regulates the temperature, further saving money. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without this awesome heater by your side.

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12. ScreenKlean – Because Classy Dames Have Clean Phones

There is nothing more icky than a dirty phone. In fact, it’s probably the dirtiest, most bacteria-filled thing we own.

ScreenKlean is a 100% natural carbon-based screen cleaner that quickly and easily eliminates streaks, dirt, grime, and bacteria build-up. It’s super simple to use, and really effective (NASA uses carbon technology to clean screens). It works on phones, tablets, and even your computer screen. Never be embarrassed by a dirty phone again – get ScreenKlean.

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13. Boobuddy – ZERO BREAST BOUNCE During ANY Sport or Workout!

Stay active doing what you love – not what your sports bra allows you to do. Boobuddy – the world’s first sports bra band – is helping women of all shapes and sizes STOP THE BOUNCE (and all the things that come with it). Just place it over (or under) your existing sports bra, and voila! Running, zumba workouts, HIIT, dance classes, yoga, horseback-riding, combat sports – no matter what you’re doing, Boobuddy keeps the girls locked in like nobody’s business.

Trusted by over 160,000 women in 58 countries!

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14. Saalt Cups – Say Goodbye to the Tampon Aisle Forever!

Say hello to the menstrual cup that women all over the U.S. are absolutely raving about!. Saalt Cup, the premium menstrual cup, was created by women and is the most comfortable, convenient alternative to cotton solutions. A solution to tampons and pads that you can wear ALL DAY without the need to change it while you run, bike, work, or even sleep without worrying about leaking! Thousands of women are discovering happier, healthier period care.

The cup collects 4x as much as one tampon, so you can go about your day like you would any other time of the month. Maintain a healthy balance and reduce your risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) with Saalt Cup’s medical-grade, chemical-free silicone. It’s also latex and BPA-free so it’s naturally hypoallergenic. The soft, flexible silicone creates a gentle but firm seal without causing pain or more cramping. You may even forget you’re on your period